The ultimate in body grooming, smooth soft skin without the scratching and itching of shaving.

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Waxing - Eye Brows AUD 15.00 each
Waxing - Shoulders (Incl Neck) AUD 20.00 each
Waxing - Arms AUD 30.00 each
Waxing - 1/2 Arms AUD 20.00 each
Waxing - Under Arms AUD 15.00 each
Waxing - Legs AUD 70.00 each
Waxing - 1/2 Legs AUD 40.00 each
Waxing - Feet AUD 20.00 each
*Waxing - Chest & Stomach AUD 40.00 each
*Waxing - Back (includes Shoulders) AUD 40.00 each
*Waxing - Buttocks (incl perineum) AUD 40.00 each
*Waxing - Scrotum (incl perineum) AUD 40.00 each
Waxing - Any 3 of the items marked * AUD 100.00 each
Waxing - Full Body AUD 180.00 each
$40 Gift Voucher AUD 40.00 each
$60 Gift Voucher AUD 60.00 each
$100 Gift Voucher AUD 100.00 each
$150 Gift Voucher AUD 150.00 each
$200 GIft Voucher AUD 200.00 each
Waxing - Ears AUD 15.00 each

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