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Top & Bottom - Mens Waxing & Grooming

Mens Waxing & Grooming

We like to think that we take care of ourselves, the way we dress, the clothes we buy, even the way we style our hair.

But have you ever thought of how you look when you take your clothes off?

Have you removed your clothes looked down and thought "Things are getting a bit out of control".





Waxing - There are a few things men need to understand. Waxing is not just for the girls, and it's really not that painful. There is limited regrowth issues, minimal stubble in turn means less scratching. (There's nothing worse than watching a guy in public scratching his genitals).

Shaving - Is available, however it does have it's drawbacks. Shaving needs to be done more regulary and there are more chances of ingrown hairs and regrowth issues.

Clipping - A lot of men like to have the hair on there chest and stomach clipped to tidy up the body, Also legs and arms are done to blend these areas together

Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage - Massage your tired body to a new revitalized state of being. Rejuvenate the skin after being waxed. Stimulate your mind to a new consciousness. Loose yourself for an hour and find balance.


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