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Shaving & Clipping

Shaving is available, however it does have it's drawbacks.

It needs to be done more regularly and there are more chances of ingrown hairs and regrowth issues.

A lot of men like to have the hair on their chest and stomach clipped to tidy up the body.

Also Legs and arms are done to blend the areas together of the private parts which are waxed or shaved.





Shaving Cream and Brush



Shaving is a simple but temporary method of body smoothing.

Using a combination of soap and moisturizing lotion with the assisance of hot water, working in every direction available to achieve the smoothest finish possible.

Due to the fact that shaving does not last as long as waxing we want to get the closest finish possible.






Clipping is used as a blending method.

There is choice of having your body or part of your body clipped with cordless electric clippers
with various comb lengths or without a comb to get the shortest closest result.

Check out our great prices for this professional service.




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